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The Pan-American Series of Stamps

This series of stamps was issued in 1901. It is a series of six stamps and the Scott numbers range from #294 thru 299.




Scott # 294 - 1 cent denomination, Fast Lake Navigation

Scott # 295 - 2 cent denomination, Locomotive Express

Scott # 296 - 4 cent denomination, Electric Automobile

Scott # 297 - 5 cent denomination, Niagara Falls Bridge

Scott # 298 - 8 cent denomination, Canal Lock

Scott # 299 - 10 cent denomination, Fast Ocean Navigation

They aren't of particular high value. But the last three of the (highest denominations) can bring as much as one or two hundred dollars in mint never hinged condition.

One thing of special note:

The one cent (shown below) the two cent and the four cent all had a limited number issued with an accidental invert! You can see in the stamp below that the ship is upside down. That is an invert! These stamps are very rare and worth quite a bit of money. They can sell at auction for twenty-thousand, or even a hundred thousand or more.

If you have one of these inverted stamps you shouldn't get too excited though. They were re-printed by the USPS in 2001! Chances are pretty good that you have one of the reprints. They are worth about a dollar :(