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Stamp Collecting Supplies


Stamp collecting is all about the stamps, of course. But there are tools and supplies that enhance the hobby and make things much easier. Here are some of the essential supplies in stamp collecting.


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A bottle of watermark fluid

Watermark Detecting Fluid

Safe for detecting watermarks on most stamps. Will also remove self-stick stamps and tape from paper. (Benzine free)


Showgard Desert Magic II Stamp Drying Book

The Desert Magic II book is a higher capacity version of the Magic Drying Book which can also easily accommodate blocks or souvenir sheets. The Showgard "Desert Magic" Drying System utilizes a special release paper with heavy blotting pages. The release paper will not permit stamps to adhere to the drying surface. The absence of plastic interleaves shortens the time traditionally needed to dry stamps. This innovative drying book is a must for flat out soaking of stamps off paper.


Supersafe Stamp Lift Fluid SLF

This new and improved version of Supersafe stamp fluid instantly and gently lifts stamps from backing paper and hinges. Supersafe also separates stamps which are stuck together. (I have a review of this product, where I use it, lots of pics too, right here)


Lighthouse Deluxe Bent Spade-Tip Stamp Tongs Pi 42

Lighthouse No. 321387 - PI42 Deluxe Bent Spade-Tip Stamp Tongs Pi 42 --- Tweezers 42, Deluxe, 12 cm, design: curved, spade --- Lighthouse stamp tweezers allow you to handle your stamp collection without creasing or rubbing the oils and dirt from your hands on the stamp. With many sizes and styles to choose from Lighthouse has the right stamp tongs for any collector.


Lighthouse Stamp Perforation Gauge Model ZS

Plastic Sealed stamp collecting perforation gauge



You can cut strips of stamp mounts with scissors. But you can also buy a cutter that makes perfect cuts.

Stamp Mount Cutter by Lighthouse 180mm

Stamp Mount Cutter, Cuts Mounts Up to 180mm, Self Sharpening,
With Attachable Measuring Scale



25 Lighthouse VARIO 8S pages

VARIO sheets will fit into the VARIO F and VARIO G Classic binders as well as any standard 3 ring binder.




Stamp Collection Binder Kit

Keep your treasured stamp collection guarded and organized professionally. The timeless design of our Stamp Collection Binder Kit allows you to store and organize your stamps anywhere for years to come. UniKeep's signature 1.5" binder comes with 10 protector sheets to store up to 204 postage stamps. With additional pages the binder is able to keep your collection growing, holding up to 5,500 stamps.


This is an oustanding multi-gauge on ebay. It is for U.S. stamps and includes a whole lot of gauges for identifying stamps including perforations, grills and even has a gauge for telling rotary stamps from flat plate:

Multi-Gauge on Ebay, one of the best gauges

US Precision Multi-gauge



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