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The Stamp Camera Box

I always struggle when it comes to taking pictures of my stamps. For a few different reasons. First off, you have to get nice and close which means a tiny bit of shake will blur a picture. Secondly, lighting can be difficult because the camera is blocking out ambient light.

So, I thought to myself it might be fun to make myself a nice little set up that is fast and easy to use.


And after tinkering around with a variety of shapes and sizes this is the final version. Kind of neat and I reallly like it. Here are some of the features:

  • I just use my daily use camera. And it pops right into the top and pops right out. Simple enough.
  • The table top that the stamp is resting on adjusts. It slides up and down so I can frame any size stamp or even plate blocks.
  • I am using a strip of warm light LED's. with an adjustment knob so I can dial the light intensity up or down.
  • Total cost of the project was 23 dollars US. 22 dollars for the LED's, power supply and adjustment knob (dimmer). 1 dollar for the sheet of foam board. If you want to buy the same LED setup I have a link at the bottom of the page.
  • The whole unit is small and compact. I keep it on a shelf with my stamp collecting stuff. And It leans slightly forward so it is easy to use.
  • One note, I also have tried this with different colored backgrounds. The white tends to be a bit overwhelming. Darker colors take even better pictures.



Here is a picture of me adjusting the light intensity.


Here are some pictures I took using it:





Here is the exact LED strip setup that I bought for this project. It comes with the LED's the power supply and the dial for adjusting the intensity of the lights (dimmer).

SUPERNIGHT (TM) Warm White LED Strip Light Ribbon Plug-To-Use Kit, 5M or 16.4ft, SMD 5050, Waterproof 300 LEDs, With 12V 5A Transformer/Power Supply and Dimmer






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