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Stamp Albums


There are two main types of stamp album. Here I explain to you the difference between the two types and show you a bunch of different ones that you can buy.


Stamp Albums and Stock Books: Stamp Albums are very specific and they typically have pictures of the stamps in them. These are what we think of as albums that we build our collection in. And stock books are more generic. They usually have rows that you can store and display stamps in. Typically a stock book is where you keep your extra or duplicate stamps or like me you can build some kind of a specialized collection in. For example I show you three pictures of one of my specialty collections. It is of castle stamps and I keep it in a stock book. I have more about Stock Books right here

A Stamp Album:

The first picture shows a page from my stamp album that has stamps in it. The second picture shows that a typical album will have pictures to help you place and organize your stamps.

A stamp Album

A stamp Album


And this picture shows a closeup of spots in an album.


page in a stamp album


Two pictures of one of my stock book collections. This shows you what a stock book is like.

The outside and inside of a stock book

A stock book

 Inside a stock book


Here is a closeup of inside the stock book. This shows you a typical setup where there are rows that you can slide the stamps into.

A page in a stock book



For Kids:

A First Stamp Album for Beginners

A First Stamp Album for Beginners: Revised Edition (Dover Children's Activity Books)

Here is the ideal introduction to the educational, fun-filled hobby of stamp collecting--the most popular hobby in the world. With pictures of more than 1,100 stamps from over 200 countries (and spaces for at least 1,500 more!), this inexpensive album and guide also contains many useful hints and tips on building a collection, as well as an easy-to-use Stamp Identifier Table, Glossary, and Index.



Albums for World Wide Collecting


Traveler Stamp Album

Harris Worldwide Traveler Stamp Album Ideal for Beginners - A-Z Countries

This beginner worldwide album provides spaces for thousands of stamps that beginning collectors are most likely to own or acquire. Headings feature the philatelic history of each stamp-issuing country. Brightly colored 2-post binder. Over 300 (150 sheets) printed on both sides.


Statesman Deluxe Album:

Statesman Deluxe Album: For Postage Stamps of the World [Stock No. H103]

"A well-kept stamp collection can be a lifelong source of pride and pleasure, and the best way to protect and to display a collection is by properly mounting in in one or more stamp albums. This album is the finest one can buy for its size and price, and with careful use and care, it should last for many years of active stamp collecting..." (from book)



Voyager Worldwide Stamp Album

Mystic's Voyager Worldwide Stamp Album - Two Volumes

Mystic's Worldwide Voyager Album - Designed by collectors, this 2-volume set has over 1000 pages with room for 25,000 foreign stamps. 3-ring "stay-flat" albums lie completely flat when open for easy viewing and mounting of your stamps. Country names printed at top of pages. Voyager's exclusive grid design of light guidelines helps you mount your stamps quickly, neatly and in any arrangement you want. So you can customize the album for your own worldwide collection. If you've ever experienced the frustration of lacking a stamp that's pictured in your illustrated album or having a stamp that's not shown in your album, you know just how important this feature really is!


For Collecting U.S. Stamps


Independence US Stamp Album

Independence US Stamp Album (212pg)

  • An expandable, loose-leaf album with pages printed on both sides
  • It includes stamp releases through 2011
  • It is fully illustrated with extensive stamp history
  • It has a 2 post screw binder format



Minuteman Stamp Album

Scott Minuteman Stamp Album 180AMM0 (United States)



Will owns this set of three books :



American Heirloom Stamp Album

Mystic's 3-volume American Heirloom Stamp Album with 200 Free U.S. Stamps and 1,000 Hinges

Order the 3-volume American Heirloom Stamp Album today and receive 200 postally used U.S. stamps and 1,000 stamp hinges for FREE! You get a nice sampling of U.S. postal history and an album to display it in for under $40. Here's why the American Heirloom is Mystic's bestselling U.S. stamp album - and ideal for collectors of nearly all experience levels. (Young collectors might consider Mystic's U.S. Stamp Collecting Starter Kit. Virtually complete - includes spaces and illustrations for almost every U.S. postage stamp issued from 1847 to the present. 3 Big Volumes - plenty of room for your stamp collection to grow. (Each volume measures 11" x 11.5" and is 2.25 inches thick.) Ideal design - the American Heirloom's three-ring stay-flat design allows the album pages to lie completely flat. It's easy to mount and view your stamps and add yearly album supplements when the pages lie flat. (If you've ever had to use a two-post stamp album you know they can be hard to use.) Over 1,360 pages of high quality, 70-pound crème finch paper. And every page is numbered, which is helpful with an album of this size! Scott Catalogue numbers - Heirloom has the Scott numbers we're all familiar with. Scott numbers are used in the Mystic U.S. Stamp Catalog so identifying your stamps is a snap. Using your album to organize your collection is easier than ever. Higher-quality illustrations - You'll see great detail on over 5,000 U.S. postage stamps that are illustrated. Even rare and unusual U.S. postage stamps are illustrated - including the rarest U.S. stamp - the 1868 1¢ Z Grill. Seeing these stamps illustrated is a real treat. Full of information - the Heirloom contains all kinds of neat stamp facts. You'll love knowing the stories behind the stamps. Whether you are a new collector or have been collecting for many years, the Heirloom is an indispensable stamp resource.


Generic and stock Binder

Stamp Collection Binder Kit

Stamp Collection Binder Kit

Keep your treasured stamp collection guarded and organized professionally. The timeless design of our Stamp Collection Binder Kit allows you to store and organize your stamps anywhere for years to come. UniKeep's signature 1.5" binder comes with 10 protector sheets to store up to 204 postage stamps. With additional pages the binder is able to keep your collection growing, holding up to 5,500 stamps.



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