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Donate Stamps to Veterans


If you have stamps and you don't know what to do with them. But you would rather not throw them away here is a nice option for you. You can donate them to the Veterans Organization.


The Veterans' National Stamp and Coin Club is a wonderful organization. They collect U.S. and foreign stamps and coins, postcards, sports cards and much more. This group then passes the items on to other Veterans Affairs support centers across the nation. The stamps and coins, etc., are supplied for therapeutic use helping veterans.

Send donations to:

Department of Veterans Affairs
Medical Center
Veterans' National Stamp and Coin Club No. 135 S.C.
3601 South 6th Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85723


United States and Foreign Stamps both "ON" and "OFF PAPER" - U.S. and Foreign Coins and Paper Money - Sports Cards - Post Cards ( Old and New) - First Day Covers - Foreign Covers - Old U.S. Covers ( before 1920) - Cut Squares - Hunting Permit Stamps - Catalogues for both Stamps and Coins - Albums and Stock Books.

Please use COMMEMORATIVE or HIGH VALUE Stamps on ALL mailings whenever possible. "Make-a-Point" of requesting the Postal Clerk to USE Commemorative, or High Value stamps on all mailings. NO METERS PLEASE!



Greeting cards - postmarks - Meters - Publications.

520-792-1450 Ext 50003 ( Mon, Tue, and Thursday) 7AM to 4PM
520-888-7585 (Wed-Friday 12 to 8PM)

Thanks so much for your help!






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