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The Trans-Mississippi Stamps

These are a series of nine stamps issued in 1898. They range from Scott #285 thru Scott # 293.

I own the first seven of these nine stamps. The value of this series of stamps is reasonably standard in terms of how the value scales with the denomination. The higher the denomination the stamp generally the more valuable it is. And the two I don't have are denomnations of one dollar and two dollar. Those stamps in mint condition could be worth as much as two thousand dollars!

The stamps depict various scenes from the pioneer days in the American West. And each one is a different color.


More Details:

Scott 285: 1 cent denomination: Marquette on the Mississippi, Color: Yellow Green

Scott 286: 2 cent denomination: Farming, Color: Copper

Scott 287: 4 cent denomination: Hunting Buffalo, Color: Orange

Scott 288: 5 cent denomination: Fremont on Rocky Mountains, Color: Blue

Scott 289: 8 cent denomination: Troops, Color: Violet Brown

Scott 290: 10 cent denomination: Hardships, Color: Gray Violet

Scott 291: 50 cent denomination: Prospector, Color: Sage Green

Scott 292: 1 dollar denomination: Western Cattle in Storm, Color: Black

Scott 292: 2 dollar denomination: Mississippi River Bridge, Color Orange Brown

Some Interesting things about this series:

Each stamp was planned to be printed in two colors but the cost was prohibitive so the USPS ended up printing them in single colors.


About the One dollar denomination stamp (Western Cattle in Storm):

The general consensus within the Philately community is that this is the most beautiful stamp ever printed. And it does command a price. Depending on quality and condition it can be worth anywhere between 500 and 2,000 dollars.