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How to remove Self-adhesive stamps from envelopes


Self adhesive stamps were first introduced in the United States with the Dove of Peace Christmas stamp in 1974 and it wasn't received well. But it didn't take long for the postal service to be issuing lots more of them.

They are a challenge to stamp collectors because they can be difficult to remove from envelopes.

This is a tutorial showing you how to remove self adhesive stamps from envelopes.


Here is a bonsai Self adhesive stamp. Let's remove it from the paper.


We use a spray product called Pure Citrus.


Place it face down on a dark tray.


Spray it thoroughly and let it sit for a few minutes.


Now you can flip it over and gently peel away the stamp.


Now you can follow the normal process for handling the stamp. You can let it dry then press it between paper towels over night to straighten it.

Note that while this easily removes the stamp from the envelope you can still end up with adhesive still on the stamp and still in a sticky state. You can handle this by sprinkling talcum powder on the back of the stamp.


Here is the complete set of bonsai stamps I have removed from paper. And now they are in a mount.

Set of self adhesive stamps



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