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Articles about Stamp Collecting


Here are all my articles about stamp collecting



  • Is your stamp collection worth anything? - So, you have come into a stamp collection. Maybe you inherited it or somebody gave it to you. You don't know anything about stamps but you are wondering if the collection is worth anything. I have seven tips for you to assess if the collection is valuable. And you don't have to know anything about stamps.
  • The philosophy of stamp collecting - Stamp collecting very neatly fulfills some basic human traits. I also call this article the Crow, the organizer, the Historian and the Banker.
  • As your Stamp Collection Gets more valuable -As you build your collection it is going to get more valuable. For two reasons. First it is going to be larger with more stamps. And secondly you are a better collector which means the collection will improve. Here is an article with some advice for you.
  • New (Jan 2018) : Navigating the challenge of re-issued stamps - Re-issued stamps can often look exactly the same but they are different and were issued in different years. In this article I explain a bit about this and help you identify them. It can make a significant difference in the value of a stamp.
  • New (Jan 2018) : The Columbians! - It is the most famous series of stamps ever issued and it caused quite an earthquake of interest in it's day. This series, more than a hundred years later is still the most famous and highly sought after!
  • On the absurdity of Stamp Collecting - Every wonder why we do what we do?
  • Stamp Collecting for Kids - This is a hobby that used to be very popular for kids. With the advent of video games it has fallen to the wayside. But it is still a wonderful hobby for a child. here I give you tips on how to help a child enjoy the art and hobby of stamp collecting
  • Stamp Collection Prices - This can be a tricky thing. Maybe you came into a collection and are wondering what it is worth. I have some guidelines and help for you.
  • How to buy stamps for your collection - I give you nine different ways you can build your collection. There is more than just the stamp companies and ebay!
  • How to Get Started in Stamp Collecting - This is a great article for beginners who really don't know much about stamps
  • Stamp Collecting Ideas - If you are new to stamp collecting I have a whole lot of ideas on the various ways you can do it and have fun doing it!
  • How to Soak stamps - I show you how to get those stamps off the paper!
  • How to find the watermark on stamps - A watermark is a secret mark on the back side of some stamps. It is a means of identifying and verifying the stamp. With some basic supplies you can examine stamps for watermarks. I show you how to do it and I have pictures so you can see!
  • Finding the Grill on a stamp- Grilled stamps are my favorite area of collecting. In this article I explain what a grill is and how to find it.
  • Evaluating stamps - I don't give you specific values of stamps but I do give you the guidelines and rules of thumb for how stamps are evaluated and appraised.
  • Identifying stamps - For the majority of stamps this is pretty easy. You can match the picture, year and/or denomination. But some stamps, particularly old ones, can be difficult to identify. I help you here.
  • About Stamp Mounts - This is one of the best ways to preserve and display your stamps. But they can be a bit confusing. In this article I explain what they are, how to measure for them and how to use them.
  • How to remove self adhesive stamps from envelopes - Self adhesives are quite different than gummed stamps. And they can be tricky to remove safely without damage. I show you how to do it!
  • Should you invest in forever stamps? This may have crossed your mind. I explain whether or not you should.
  • Collecting topical stamps - I love topical stamps. I have several different topics that I collect including castles, knights and telescopes. In this article I explain the whole area of topicals and help you build your collection.
  • History and timeline of United States Stamps - It is quite an interesting history :)
  • A visit to a stamp show - I go to my first stamp show and I learned a bit. Let me give you my impressions and some tips on what it is and what to expect.
  • Stamp collector or Philatelist? There is a difference. I explain it in this article.
  • Reviews, thoughts and opinions on the big stamp companies. - They will send you lots of sales stuff including beautiful catalogs and more. Are they worth it? What are the good points and not so good points?
  • How to identify the difference between Rotary Press and Flat Plate Press stamps. They can look almost identical but they aren't! There is a difference and it matters a lot when identifying a stamp. I show you how to tell the difference.
  • Figuring out the 1954 -1961 Liberty stamps. There are differences including one of the stamps being redrawn. I show you how to identify these stamps.



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