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Identifying the Liberty Stamps

The Liberty Series was a set of stamps issued between 1954 and 1961. There are six stamps of the statue of Liberty in this series. And they can be a bit confusing as to which stamp is which. In this article I show you how to identify which one is which.


Here are the six stamps

The six liberty stamps


Overview: The biggest challenge with these stamps is numbers 2, 3 ande 4. Upon initial look they seem identical. But they aren't. Look at the torch that lady liberty is carrying. In pictures 2 and 3 the torch is between U.S. and POSTAGE. But in number 4 notice how the torch is behind the letters. # 4 is the redrawn version. Now, the difference between 2 and 3 is a little subtler. They are almost identical. The difference is that one stamp is flat plate printed (2) and the other is rotary press printed (3). This means that the imprinting design is a little bit larger on 3.


1. Scott 1035 - 3 cent, Rotary press printing and it is deep violet with 11x10.5 perforations.

2. Scott 1041 - 8 cent, Flat Plate printing and is dark violet blue and carmine, 11x11 perforations. Notice how the torch on this stamp is located.

3. Scott 1041b - 8 cent, Rotary press printing, dark violet blue and carmine, perf 11x11. Identifying this stamp over the `1041 is tricky but this stamp, being rotary press is a little bit larger in the size of the printing.

4. Scott 1042 - 8 cent, dark violet blue and carmine, perf 11. This is the redrawn stamp. Upon initial appearance it seems just like 5 and 6 but notice how the torch the statue is carrying is now behind the letters fo U.S. POSTAGE. That is the difference.

5. Scott 1044a - 11 cent, Carmine and dark violet blue. Perf 11, Giori Press printing

6. Scott 1057 - 3 cent, coil stamp, deep violet, rotary press printing, perf 10 vertical

These two pictures shows you the torch placement. See the difference?

Torch placement 1   Torch placement 2



The philosophy of stamp collecting - Stamp collecting very neatly fulfills some basic human traits. I also call this article the Crow, the organizer, the Historian and the Banker.


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