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Stamp Collecting For Kid


When I was a pre-teen and teen I collected stamps. It was a wonderful hobby for me and I remember it very fondly. That was a very long time ago! But I still remember it very fondly.

It is a wonderful hobby for a child, pre-teen or teen to pursue. It can give him or her many hours of fun.

In this article I give you lots of good ideas on stamp collecting for kids.


Let's take a quick look at some of the intangible benefits for a child who collects stamps.

From simple and easy to very sophisticated and in-depth:

This is one of the beautiful things about stamp collecting. It is wonderful for a child or to keep as an easy and pleasant hobby. They can collect the stamps based around easy concepts like the subject matter or the country they come from. Yet, as the child grows they can also grow in their learning of the hobby. They can move into things like how many perforations there are on the stamp, and learn about things like watermarking on stamps. They can also get into things like indicators of quality like thins, perfs, centering and more.

There is also a small financial aspect to stamps that can be very intriguing to young stamp collectors.

The hunting, gathering and organizing of it!

These are fun aspects of stamp collecting. The child can ask all family member and relatives if they have stamps. You would be surprised by how many people have old collections or boxes of stamps tucked away in an attic or closet. And probably the best part of stamp collecting is looking through them and organizing them by placing them in an album.

Specialty and topical collections:

You can inspire a child's interest in stamp collecting by pairing it up with an interest they already have. There are of course lots of animal stamps, duck stamps, dog stamps, cat stamps, space stamps, disney stamps and well just about every subject is covered by stamps. This is a great way for a child to further his or her interest in a particular subject.

Starting a child on a very small budget:

The first thing you can do is query relatives and family members. See if they have stamps they can give to the child. I already mentioned this but it is worth mentioning again. It is a way to get started for free. And the child can simply use some kind of binder or notebook to start the collection.

Soaking stamps

The child can also collect stamps that have been mailed. And enjoy the process of soaking the stamps to remove them from the envelope. I have a tutorial for that right here.

And if you do this you might want to start with some stamp hinges as your only purchase. This is how the stamps are mounted into a notebook.

Stamp Hinges

Supersafe Folded Stamp Hinges Pack of 1,000

  • Each order is for a package pf 1000 hinges
  • Supersafe stamp hinges are produced to the highest philatelic specifications
  • They are transparent, tasteless, and peelable
  • Made in Germany



A hinged stamp in an album

This picture shows a stamp hinge in action. It is stuck to the stamp and to the album. This allows you to lift it so you can see the back of the stamp and the picture on the album.

Countries of the World - Fun geography thing. Kids can enjoy armchair travel by collecting stamps from around the world. And it is very inexpensive. Some countries put out some amazingly attractive stamps commemorating all kinds of things and in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. One goal might be to collect one stamp from every country in the world.

Learning the words and language of stamp collecting: Every pursuit has a series of identifying words and phrases. This is part of the learning. And stamp collecting is no different. There are a lot of wonderful words and terms like Mint, First Day Cover and Se-tenant. I have a list of these right here

Here is a publication put out by the U.S. Postal Service. It is very useful for helping inspire a child in the hobby.

Teachers guide to stamp collecting

Exploring the World of Stamps in your Classroom. A teacher's Guide to stamp collecting - PDF Version here. (Totally Free Booklet)




Here is a nice packet of 500 Worldwide stamps for a very reasonable price:

Packet of 500 Different Collectable Worldwide Stamps


Stamp It!

Stamp It!: The Ultimate Stamp Collecting Activity Book

Collect stamps from far-away countries and stamps about famous people, places, and things. Stamp It! is filled with tons of information, tips, activities, and the tools kids need to get their collections started. Includes 48 fun stamp activities Famous stamp facts Stamp collecting tips 200 hinges for attaching stamps to the activity pages Two stock pages for storing special stamps Plastic zippered pocket


A First Stamp Album for Beginners

A First Stamp Album for Beginners: Revised Edition (Dover Children's Activity Books)

Here is the ideal introduction to the educational, fun-filled hobby of stamp collecting--the most popular hobby in the world. With pictures of more than 1,100 stamps from over 200 countries (and spaces for at least 1,500 more!), this inexpensive album and guide also contains many useful hints and tips on building a collection, as well as an easy-to-use Stamp Identifier Table, Glossary, and Index.


DC Comics Super Heroes Collectible Stamp Sheet

DC Comics Super Heroes Collectible Stamp Sheet

On 7/20/2006 the USPS honored the world of DC Comics with this colorful 20 stamps. Ten stamps on this pane show portraits of super heroes; the others show covers of individual comic books devoted to their exploits. Art director Carl T. Herrman worked with the creative staff at DC Comics on the design of this issuance. Beginning with the classic covers, information about the artwork shown on each stamp follows. These are the first stamps honoring comic book Super Heroes issued by the US Postal Service. They include: Batman, Wonder Woman, Plastic Man, Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman, Hawkman, Supergirl, Green Arrow.


45 Genuine Postage Stamps Assortment - Animals

45 Genuine Postage Stamps Assortment - Animals

  • 45 Stamps from various countries of assorted animal scenes
  • Contains stamp mounting hinges
  • Fits into any three-ring binder
  • Flexible layouts


Sea LIfe

45 Genuine Postage Stamps Assortment - Sea LIfe This set is made exclusively for DOMAGRON by Stamp/Ed. Don't be fooled by imitation versions sold by other sellers. Each kit contains three album pages which fit into any three-ring binder, mounting hinges, and 45 genuine postage stamps of various denominations and countries of origin. Pages are punched to fit in any standard 3-ring binder (not included). These kits are cellophane wrapped in colorful packaging ideal for gift giving. The selection of stamps offers an opportunity for the both the new and old collector to jump start their collection. Please note that the stamps may vary across units. Therefore, if you purchase more than one of this item, you may not receive exactly the same stamps.



45 Genuine Postage Stamps Assortment - Dinosaurs

  • 45 Stamps from various countries of assorted dinosaurs
  • Contains stamp mounting hinges
  • Flexible layouts
  • Fits into any three-ring binder




45 Genuine Postage Stamps Assortment - Space

  • 45 Stamps from various countries of assorted space scenes
  • Contains stamp mounting hinges
  • Flexible layouts
  • Fits into any three-ring binder


The Art of Disney Celebration Collectible Sheet

The Art of Disney Celebration Collectible Sheet of 20 37 Cent Stamps Scott 3915a


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