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Stamp Collecting as a Pastime (Audiobook)

Librivox is a non-profit organization that makes public domain audio books. They have some wonderful stuff. I found a book about stamp collecting and thought you might like it. You can download it right here on my website, unzip it, and listen to it with your favorite media player.




Edward J. NANKIVELL (1848 - 1909)

Edward J. Nankivell was an early stamp collector in England. In this book he describes the hobby of stamp collecting. He was the editor of the Philatelic Record and Stamp News.

Language: English

Download (Zip File)

Stamp Collecting as a Pastime 00:04:45
The Charm of Stamp Collecting 00:05:49
Its Permanence 00:04:44
Its Internationality 00:04:02
Its Geographical Interest 00:04:37
Its Historical Finger Posts 00:09:16
Stamps with a History 00:11:17
Great Rarities 00:12:40
The Romance of Stamp Collecting 00:05:22
Philatelic Societies and Their Work 00:04:33
The Literature of Stamps 00:08:26
Stamps as Works of Art 00:05:02
Stamp Collecting as an Investment 00:18:03
What to Collect and How to Collect 00:06:19
Great Collections 00:07:51
Stamp Advertisements, part 1 00:10:22
Stamp Advertisements, part 2 00:14:17
Stamp Advertisements, part 3 00:07:39
Stamp Advertisements, part 4 00:17:56
Stamp Advertisements, part 5 00:08:10
Stamp Literature Advertisements, part 1 00:07:42
Stamp Literature Advertisements, part 2 00:06:39
Stamp Literature Advertisements, part 3 00:08:40