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The Most Important thing about drawing fantasy things. - If you want to improve


Some people, it seems to me, are born with the incredible ability to just draw remarkable things. If you ever watched a person like this draw you have been amazed by how they do it. But these people are rather rare and if you are like me, and well most people, drawing takes time and practice.


And it is in this practice that you will really get much better. That's the most important thing to remember if you want to improve your drawing skills - keep drawing! Draw a lot. Carry a sketchbook in your backpack, briefcase, or pocketbook and use it!

Persistence is the real key to improving your drawing skills. Try to set yourself a little schedule that you follow. It can be any kind of schedule that you are comfortable with - even if it is 15 minutes a day. That's a great start and as you get better you will be encouraged to do more.


A little trick to encourage and inspire you in your desire to draw

Did you ever look at a flower or a plant for more than a few seconds? You probably haven't but if you were to stare at a flower for an hour would you see it grow? Of course not! But if you come back and look at it a week later wow! How it has grown and blossomed. Your artwork can be the same as that. When you are drawing every day you can't see how you improve. But if you look at your work over a period of time and com pare it you will be shocked at how much improvement you have made.

So this is what you should do:

Draw an object -any object that you want. It can be something on your desk, something in your room or something in your imagination. When you are done drawing it write the date on it and tuck it away. Then a couple of months later draw that same object and write the date on it. (don't look at the first drawing you made yet) Once you are done with the second drawing dig out your first drawing and compare the two of them. You will be amazed at how you have improved in your ability to draw. Now tuck both drawings away for the next time you do it! I am telling you that this really works wonders. This only works if you practice drawing on a regular basis so get drawing!!!


OtherWorlds: How to Imagine, Paint and Create Epic Scenes of Fantasy

Bizarre terrains, enchanted forests, futuristic metropolises, ornate palaces ... these are the places where adventure dwells. In this fun and fiercely original book from celebrated fantasy artist Tom Kidd, you'll learn how to set the scene for epic tales of adventure. Discover where Kidd finds his best ideas, the methods behind his glorious color sense, and how he turns it all into exquisite skies, glittering cities, spectacular rock formations, stormy seas, magnificent forests and other bold, breathtaking vistas.



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