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Lesson 19: Practice by Drawing Dragons

One of the biggest lessons I can teach you is the lesson of practice. It is really quite amazing how good you will get at drawing just by practicing. And if you keep a notebook of your drawings you will be able to see the difference over time.


a Dragon

And one of the best ways I like to keep track of my progress is by practicing on the same kind of drawing over and over again. For example, I really like dragons so I thought that it would be fun for me to spend time drawing different dragons.

The dragon you see here is one of my favorite drawings. It only took me a few minutes to draw it but it is the result of me sketching around with lots of ideas for dragons. When I first started drawing them I had no idea what I really wanted so I drew lots of them in various shapes and sizes.




Here is another dragon. You can see how this one is very different than the one up above. That is part of the process of drawing anything. You try different things. Try different shapes and different colors and keep making lots of sketches. Draw slow, draw fast and just let your creativity flow.



Here is a look at a page from my sketch pad. You can see that there are a lot of very different shaped dragons here. This page is obviously one of the early pages where I was just trying to figure out how I wanted my dragon to look.


drawing dragons 4

And here is another page from later on in the sketch book. You can see that I am really starting to get to the final dragon that I like.


So This Lesson: Is all about practice and doing the same kind of a drawing over and over again. As you are doing this your eye will start to see things differently and you will start to make big improvements in your drawing.

It's a really great idea to pick one subject and work with that for a while because you will be able to very clearly see how your drawings improve over time.

I did dozens and dozens of sketches of dragons over the course of time and that is part of the normal process that an artist takes. So don't feel bad if your first dragons don't look too good or don't look the way you want them to! That is ok. They, and you will get better.


And for me and my dragons? I still have lots more of them to draw!

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Drawing Dragons: How to Create Fantastic Fire-Breathing Dragons

In easy-to-follow, step-by-step detail, Drawing Dragons teaches you all the tricks and techniques you'll need to create your own amazing dragons. You'll discover how to draw all types of dragons using nothing but a pencil. Drawing Dragons shows how to bring to life fierce warriors and bearded ancients as well as baby hatchlings and protective mothers. It also features a special section on adding claws, scales, horns, jewels and other unique details to your dragons.



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