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Lesson 5: Depth and Distance in your drawings

One of the important things to consider when you are doing drawings is depth. Everything you draw has depth to it. Whether it be a large scene or a small object. You have to refine your eye and your skills so you convey this depth on the paper in your drawing. One of the ways you do this is with the detail of the drawing and another way to do this is with the darkness of your drawing.


drawing that shows distance

This is what you generally do: The closer to the viewer the objects are the more detail you add, the darker the lines and the brighter the colors. As the objects are further away in (toward the horizon) the less detail, the lighter the lines and the duller the colors. Keep this in mind when you are drawing. It is how you trick the viewer into accepting the distance in the picture.

*Exercise: Draw several landscapes and use these rules of thumb. Use a whole sheet of paper for each landscape. If you are using colors make sure you dullen the colors as you progress to the background.

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