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How to Draw a Straight Line

This may sound like a bit funny but drawing a straight line is actually a pretty difficult thing to do. It is something you have to practice and there are a couple of tricks and techniques that I can show you that will help you not only in drawing straight lines but will also help your overall skill as an artist of fantasy art.



The Key to drawing a straight line is to not draw it all at once. You should move your pencil in short strokes and slowly extend the line as you go. The reason for this is because your hand, wrist, fingers are all designed around rotating joints and that means they naturally do circular motions and arcs. To do a straight line you have to make short motions and watch carefully with your eyes. As you are stroking out the line your eye will make adjustments. This is good, it means you are learning to see. The line may come out thicker than you wanted but you can lightly erase and redraw portions of it.

When drawing the line do not press hard on the paper. This will cause a crease that the pencil point will want to fall into. If the line is not straight the crease will guide the pencil out of line.

Also: You should rotate the pencil as you are drawing the line. Make a few short strokes with the pencil then rotate the pencil a bit in your fingers. Make some more strokes and rotate the pencil again. Continue doing this. The illustration shows pencil points. If you don't rotate the pencil the graphite on the tip gets distorted and will impede your ability to draw clean and straight lines. If you rotate the pencil regularly you will keep a nice rounded and even point. Here is a video showing how to draw a straight Line


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