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Lesson 23: How to Draw a scene called
"Prince on Mountain Top"


Want to see the process of how a real fantasy artist works from start to finish? This lesson is exactly what you are looking for. It even begins with a picture of the model that will be drawn!

This lesson was submitted by guest artist David Dodson. My thanks to him for this awesome fantasy drawing lesson! If you want to learn more you can also email David at:

Note: All this work is copyright©David Dodson and cannot be reproduced in any way without his permission.


The model strikes a pose (David Dodson)

It seems that drawing from actual models gives a better natural feel to my artwork. So lately, more than ever, I have been using pictures I find in magazines or more often than not on the internet. I also use pictures I take of myself or my kids and pose in the desired position I am looking for. In this example, I used myself posing in the garage with a broom as a prop for what I was trying to achieve.

Note from Will: David makes an excellent point here. With just a few props you can experiment and get some great fantasy poses. I recommend you start a collection of clippings that interest you and lots of pictures of different poses. It will help your artwork and your drawing a lot. If you have a digital camera you should use it a lot!


First sketch and positioning of figure


The 1st step I do is put the subject on the page where I imagine him being in the composition. My idea was to create a warrior type figure standing on a hilltop with his keep on the background with possible clouds or haze in-between.

I use center flow lines to follow the contours of the center of the body and try to create a natural, loose flow. As I am doing this I also use basic 3D shapes to build the different elements of the body, keeping in mind the proportions shown in the model. I try not to be too rigid or follow the model exactly but stay loose. It's a fantasy piece so it doesn't have to look like the model but it is rather just a guide.

This particular drawing was done completely with a mechanical pencil 0.5 mm on medium weight drawing paper (9x12 pad). I use these materials because I do a lot of drawing away from my drawing table and these materials are easily transportable. The images are taken with a camera since I was not at home during most of this drawing so the quality is a little raw.


Sanford Logo(R) 4 Retractable Mechanical Pencil, 0.5 mm, Black


Drawing the straight lines


I now am using a straight edge for any lines in the drawing that I want to be nearly, perfectly straight. Later I will go over these lines by hand without a straight edge. I do not want these lines to be too rigid.


Detailing the Head

I usually then concentrate on the face of my subject using once again basic 3D shapes. Spheres for the eyes and a pyramid for the nose, along placement lines that I have placed around the oblong sphere of the head.


Let's continue with this fantasy art lesson


Artist pencils

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Drawing Pad

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