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Lesson 23a: How to Draw a scene called
"Prince on Mountain Top" continued

In this part of the tutorial we continue to work on the prince on the mountain top.


Adding details

Now I start filling in areas with detail.
Sometimes I look at a weapons, armor and weapons book that I have for ideas in those areas.
Mostly though, I just make it up as I go along. I wasn't real happy with how his left hand
and wrist area was turning out, but I was hoping to fix that as I went along.

Note from Will: David makes another great point here. Having medieval and drawing books are a great resource for ideas when you are drawing figures, weapons and armor.

Adding More Detail to the drrawing

. . . adding more detail . . .

You can see it is starting to take on a nice look

continuing to add more detail to the drawing

Here you can see David is adding more and more detail. It takes some time but it is worth it. Below is a close up of the head and shoulders of the figure and David's explanation of what he does"I like to draw the hair in actual many strands, the chain mail as actuall little circles for links. I start some shading on the helmet with various degrees of pressure of the pencil, starting very light and getting heavier in the areas I wish to darken".

Note from Will: David Makes a very important point there. Good skill with the pencil means varying the degrees of pressure you apply. You should always practice different pressures and use different pressures. It will increase the effectiveness of your drawing.

Close up of head and shoulders

Let's continue with this fantasy art lesson


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