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Lesson 23b: How to Draw a scene called
"Prince on Mountain Top" continued

In the two images below we can see that the artist is starting to take some serious steps. He continues to add details and starts on the all important step of shading.


detail and shading


closeup of the axe


Here is what he has to say about the axe shown in closeup at left.

"The axe is a combination of a solid dark line with very light shading that I like to use for metal objects".

Note from Will: This is an excellent little tip and you should practice making metal weapons and objects like this. Notice too the great look of the hand and fingers.


adding the background elements

Here I started adding the background elements. For the haze or cloud look I lightly penciled in an area and then rubbed it with my finger.

The keep in the background

The Keep in the back is just a
dark pencil silhouette. I start drawing and detailing the mountain area here. I use a photo of a mountain I had taken while on a hike to use as reference for modeling. Let's continue and see the large final image

Adding the mountain

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