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Lesson 1b - continued pencil drawing

In this part of lesson 1 we continue to use the pencil to achieve more artistic effects.

Continue drawing lines but use a little discipline and form them into shapes like this here. Make lots of squares and draw the lines vertical horizontal and diagonal. Experiment with different thicknesses and different distances between the lines.

Drawing squares with parallel lines


Now draw some circles. This is actually pretty difficult to do. take your time and draw different size circles. Try different approaches like drawing slow or drawing in short strokes or try drawing circles in one continuous motion. practice!

Drawing circles


Hard and Soft Line drawing - Now draw some freestyle lines and focus on how hard you press down with the pencil. Do soft and do hard and do a lot of variations in between. It is important to remember that the amount of pressure you use is a tool that is very valuable to you as an artist.

Hard and Soft lines


Experiment with the Pencil - Now do some freestyle experimentation and draw lots of different lines. Try little squiggles and checkmarks and even do a little bit of shading. See how much variety you can get out of the pencil.



This is the end of lesson one - Let's Review.

  • You learned two different ways to hold the pencil
  • You drew lines and tried to draw parallel lines in the shape of a square
  • You practiced drawing circles which can be very hard
  • You learned that the amount of pressure you applied to the pencil is important and makes a big difference in how the lines look
  • You experimented with the pencil and tried to make a wide variety of shapes and textures from checks to shading

Let's continue on to lesson 1c


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