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How to Draw A Unicorn

This is the unicorn we will be drawing. I will take you through the steps that will show you how to draw this.

unicorn drawing finished

One thing to think about when you are drawing a unicorn is that it looks a lot like a horse, except of course for the horn. But also, a unicorn is generally considered to be more gentle and graceful than a horse. So you should think about this as you are drawing your unicorn. Table

Let's Begin our Unicorn Drawing

unicorn sketch

Step 1: Doodle out some sketches of your unicorn. This is an important first step. What you want to do is to just draw quick sketches to try to get the feel of what your unicorn will look like. Try to imagine the shape of its body and the pose that it is in. Do many sketches until you get one that you like. This is important practice because it will help you develop your eye.

You will start to see what looks right. Once you have done a few that you like you can move on to the next step.

unicorn body

Step 2: Draw the first big shape in the unicorn- All you are thinking about right now is the major shape of the body. It kind of looks like a kidney bean. I have drawn the lines rather dark but you should draw your lines lightly so you can move them and adjust them until they look right. Remember that this drawing, looking, re-drawing is a normal part of the art process. When you are satisfied with the body shape move on to the next step.



unicorn shapes

Step 3: Add the other basic shapes - Put the head, neck and legs into the drawing. Just use basic shapes like tubes and ovals. Look closely at your doodle of the unicorn and try to mimic it but with a bit of shape. Think about the shape of the legs, neck and head. Draw your lines lightly and erase and redraw them as your eye and drawing improves. Think of these shapes as the underlying bones and muscles of the unicorn.




fill in the unicorn skin

Step 4: Now add the skin to your unicorn - Now draw in the outlines of the body. Think of this as the skin over the muscles and bones. Try to add little changes as you can picture the unicorns body. Notice how I have started to define things. The jaw is more defined, there is a little hump on the back at the base of the neck and the legs are taking shape.



complete the unicorn skin

Step 5: Finish the Body shape outlines - Look carefully at your unicorn as you do this step. Complete the basic shapes and outlines. Refine the lines and move them as you see fit. Add some details like the mane, horn, eye and a couple of muscle lines like at the neck. Your unicorn drawing is almost done. All you have to do now is add some shading to make it three dimensional. Be sure to erase all the circular and tubular lines that you did in previous steps.




Completed unicorn drawing

Step 6: Finish the Unicorn by adding the shading - Look at your unicorn and try to see where the dark spots are and gently shade them in. the two legs furthest away from us are pretty dark and there is a little bit of shading around the neck and under the belly. Think of the light as coming from the right and then add some shading to the left parts of the body.


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