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Specific Fantasy lessons - How to draw swords

This is a great lesson on how to draw swords submitted by a web visitor (Karol S.) Thanks Karol both for the great drawings and for the instructions on how you drew these swords. Below the drawing is a set of tips and hints on how Karol drew the swords


Drawings of swords

Notes from Karol:

The tools I used are just a basic mechanical pencil with an 0.7mm lead, along with a ruler to make it straight. 

As a basic workflow, I first draw a long line along where the blade is going to be and then draw a perpendicular line where the arm-guard was going to be. Then I just make some basic shapes, rectangulars usually for each of the parts, the blade, hilt and cross-guard and go along from there. A good idea is working on one half then try to make the whole thing symmetrical. Otherwise, it's just drawing out of your mind. People drawing swords should at least know the basic anatomy of one, and that's quite easy to find. 
Also, when shading, it's useful to visualize a point from which the light is coming and try to imagine the brightness of every part if it. Going on a supposed algorithm might look nice sometimes and worse other times.

Karol will continue developing artist skills by drawing household objects (which is a great idea) and then by moving on to environments which are more challenging.

Why don't you try to draw some swords? They are not too hard to do and you can make all different types, shapes and sizes.




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