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Lesson 9c: We add skin to the human form

We have our basic human shape. This is the bones and musculature underneath. Now we add skin to it.


Drawing of a knight - C

Adding Skin - This is exactly what we are doing in this stage of the drawing - we are adding skin. Think of it in that way so you will see the underlying shapes of the figures body. As in all the steps up to now you should always draw your lines lightly and change them as you make visual distinctions. Try to understand and convey the shapes under the skin. Try to feel what the muscles look like and what the bones are expressing.

I have added a few extra lines in this drawing where the knees, shoulders, and pectorals are. Feel free to add a feew lines like this to your drawing. There are major forms within the outline of the shape that should show.

Remember: Draw your lines lightly, erase them and move them as you see fit. this is a normal part of the artistic process.


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