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Lesson 9e: Drawing the human form continued - A more detailed look at the male torso

The Muscular Male torso - This figure is a bit of a barbarian. He has a bigger and more muscular frame than our knight. Take some time and try to draw this figure.


The barbarian drawing

Remember: As an artist the normal part of the process is not to draw the lines perfectly the first time. You should draw some initial lines and then notice how the relate to each other. Then erase them and re-draw them.

This process of continually drawing lines is how you are developing as an artist. If a line doesn't look right you can be encouraged! You are starting to see with an artist's eye.

Also: This guy is pretty muscular so it is a bit of a distortion of the normal human shape. Notice how the stomach is narrower than the chest.

Drawing practice: When drawing this figure make sure you follow the steps I outlined in this lesson. Use the rule of eight parts, draw the basic shapes like tubes, cylinders, ovals and circles, fill in the skin, do the shading then finally add the detail.

In our next lesson we are going to take a look at this concept of distortion. It is a great tool for the fantasy artist.

Next lesson for the fantasy artist: The Role of Distortion when creating creatures


Fantasy Art Techniques

Fantasy Art Techniques

In a captivating, behind-the-scenes look into the creative process of a fantasy artist, renowned artist Boris Vallejo discusses in depth the techniques of a personal style that has placed him among the leading international fantasy and science fiction artists of today. 91 color images; 32 line drawings.



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