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Fantasy Art Submitted by Albert McGhee

These three works are a good example of how radically different tools can create some wonderful art. In these cases Albert begins with traditional methods of art then finishes them by working in Photoshop. Albert has been drawing for about six years now and he has achieved in a short period of time a very well defined and great looking personal style. Here is what he has to say about his style of drawing:

"As to the summary of why I draw the way I do I'm not sure I have a concrete answer. As a child I've always been fascinated in precolumbian and other ancient art. I suspect a fertile imagination does'nt hurt".

Thanks for the great inspirational work Albert!

All these works are copyright©Albert McGhee and cannot be copied or reproduced in any manner without the express written consent of the artist. Contact the webmaster if you would like to learn more about Albert's work or if you are interested in purchasing his work or commissioning something. Albert has given his permission for you to send him an email if you have questions or want to discuss his work. Here:


Fairies & Sprite

Fairies & Sprite Copyright Albert McGhee


Vase and Well of Hope

Vase and Well of Hope copyright by Albert McGhee



Greenscape - Copyright Albert McGhee


See More of Albert's Fantasy Art Work here



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