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Fantasy Art Submitted by Parker D.


Parker D. is a high school student with a lot of talent. He aspires to someday be a professional designer for books and album covers. On this page are three of his works and if you want to see more of his work you should visit his deviantart page here:

Note from Will: By starting out with pencil then moving to Photoshop and a Wacom tablet Parker has achieved a great fantasy feel with vibrant colors and great action. The possibilities are endless.

His technique and process for doing fantasy art:

As for tools and techniques, I start with a mechanical pencil and some clean printer paper, and after I sketch out the main body with some shading I scan it into my computer.  I then work on the piece with adobe photoshop 6 and a wacom tablet (although some of my earlier work was done with a mouse and a lot of free time).  When adding color, I usually have a fairly dark background so that I can achieve good contrast and make the main figures stand out.  When painting the characters, I work in 5 layers.  This is most evident in my dwarf piece.  The first layer is the base color layer, where I flesh out the general color I want something to be. The next layer up is the shadows layer, where I work on definition (the brown in the Dwarf's muscles).  The third layer is the lower highlights layer, this is the brighter stuff that I use to add depth to a character.  The fourth layer is my lines layer, which I use a color-wiped version of my original drawing to set the rest of the painting into black lines to keep the design uniform.  The final layer is my upper highlights layer, this is one of the most useful layers as it allowed me to make the shines on all of the character's weapons and skin without being burdened by having to stay in the lines of my fourth layer.
This in all takes a few hours, so I usually listen to music (heavy metal is recommended) or watch a good movie whilst working.


Battle Rager


Orc Berserker




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