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Fantasy Drawings by Grace


Some wonderful Fantasy Art Drawings by Grace M. These are done with pencil and paper and they really show you how you can get some nice delicate detail with just a little practice and some patience.


fantasy eye

Eyes can be one of the most challenging things to make but with a few guidelines they can come out great like this one. Notice the use of the white erased areas to show reflection in the eye. It makes the eye look glassy.

Spiriti Girl

Spirit Girl - It takes time to do a detailed work like this one. Notice how real and detailed the hair is? Take your time when drawing in pencil. The end result is worth it!


elf princess

Elf Princess - When you are drawing fantasy figures you have to think about how the creature is different from human. It is in this difference that you get a great and realistic effect. This is what Grace has done in this drawing. Notice the larger eyes and the smaller more delicate chin. This is what an elf would look like. Distortion of normal human characteristics is a great thing to experiment with in your drawing. I do have a short lesson on distorion here Distorting the human in fantasy drawing

One more very important thing to note is the great use of dark and light in this picture. Look at the hair of the elf princess. See how there are bands of very light areas? This shows light shining off her hair. You should try to do this in your drawings and it is perfectly normal to use an eraser to get this effect. An eraser is another tool just like a pencil.

closeup of hair and highlighting

Here is a closeup of the hair. See the great highlighting done by the white areas? And see how it moves from layer to layer of the princess' hair? This use of lightening really makes it look three dimensional.



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