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Fantasy Art Tutorial by Grant Wilson


Here is a terrific piece of fantasy art submitted by artist Grant Wilson. He has also given us a step by step tutorial showing us exactly how he did this. You can see more of his artwork by visiting his websites:



Here is how he made this:

My technique for creating the artwork was as follows:

1] I created a coloured pencil version of the "twisted face" on paper and scanned it into pc.
2] I then created a brush from a selection of the face in photoshop elements by selecting and copying. The selection was placed on a new layer
    and the original layer deleted.
3] I then hit Edit> define brush to add my new brush to the brush pallette. [This takes effect if you then re-start elements.]
4] Creating a new transparent canvas 3000 x 3000 pixels I painted the figures with the new brush.
5] To achieve the tone of the metal I duplicated this layer and set the top layers blend mode to difference. Then merged the visible layers.
6] Creating a new layer I filled this with flat colour and dropped it behind the figures.
7] Another new layer and I add a contrasting colour gradient to the picture [semi-transparent]. I can then adjust this layers blend mode
    as desired.
8] The flames were created and placed on the creatures heads, and sundry details drawn with graphics tablet were placed in. [The trees].


Photoshop Elements 8

Adobe Photoshop Elements 8


Fantasy Workshop

Fantasy Workshop: A Practical Guide From initial concept through to finishing touches, for the first time, Boris and Julie give an in-depth description of how they paint their masterpieces, taking the reader through every stage of the creative process. As well as teaching the main techniques, the premiere fantasy-art team shows the reader how to use a wide variety of media to create a whole range of different types of painting, and explain how they create the effects for which they are so renowned, such as Julie's legendary "metal flesh," with its mix of fluidity and hardness contrasting with the sensual softness of the skin. Illustrated throughout in full color, the Practical Guide to Fantasy Art includes step-by-step photographs that Boris and Julie have taken as they've worked as well as a selection of their finished art appealing to art students and fantasy-art admirers alike.


Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements 8 for Windows: The Missing Manual




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