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Matt G. Fantasy Art


Here is a collection of wonderful Fantasy art creatures drawn by guest artist Matt G. He has given us some nice information on the tools and techniques he used to create these drawings. He also gives us some great guidelines on how long it took him to do each drawing. Click on the picture to see a bigger version. If you want to learn more you can contact him at:


An epic Battle of Dragons

An Epic Battle of Dragons - This one is great! Take a look at a larger version here and learn a little bit about how the artist made it.


Dracula: I used a mechanical pencil for the base, and then i used a regular pencil for shading, and Adobe Photoshop to add color. Shading is the most important aspect of this drawing. Dominant shading under eyes and nose and cheek. Quick measured strokes for the hair.

Time it took: 4 hours

Cyclops drawing

Cyclops: I used a mechanical pencil for the drawing, and then colored it with Adobe Photoshop. To make the club look like wood, I added lines throughout.  To make the metal part of the club look metal, I colored it grey and added black over top, leaving part open, as if reflecting light.

Time spent: 6 hours


Elf uncolored

Elf : I used pencil to draw it then I added the color burn effect with Adobe Photoshop. This is one of three versions. I sent two to you. One is the original and one is the color burned one.
Note: Emphasis on the darkness of the eyes help out in making them look more female and very pretty. I used a standard eye format called "Anime Style"
It helps make the girl look a lot more female by adding a pointed chin and a pouty lower lip, the upper lip being a thick line. Emphasise the cheek and jaw line of the left side of her face. Hair made with quick strokes and shading.  The ears are just standard elf ears. 
Time Spent : 2 and a half hours

elf colored

This image is of the same elf and the addition of some burn coloring makes a dramatic difference in the look of the anime style character.

Dragon: Used the pencil for the base and colored with pencil crayon. The scales were used by making horseshoe shapes overlapping. The wings are almost bat like in nature.

Time Spent 1 hour


Orc: I used a standard pencil and pencil crayons to color. Bushy eyebrows and thin eyes to make it more menacing, as well as fangs in a grin. The jaw line must be prominent to achieve the muscled effect.



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