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Matt G. Fantasy Art


Here is a collection of wonderful Fantasy art done in black and white and drawn by guest artist Matt G. He has given us some nice information on the tools and techniques he used to create these drawings. He also gives us some great guidelines on how long it took him to do each drawing. Click on the picture to see a bigger version. If you want to learn more you can contact him at:


I based the headpiece on Edea's from Final Fantasy. the rest i just made up myself. I used a lot of shading around the nose and right cheek to indicate a light source. And the hair is basically quick strokes shaped into curves really. i used a matchstick for smudging under the eyes, and kleenex around the cheek.


Elminister: This drawing took quite a while. there really isn't much of a technique i used here. I just drew what i saw. I did take out a few things and add my own in though - based on a book called Elminister in Hell




Link I based it on a picture i have of him. Its hard to describe what I did here. I guess the only thing i can say is don't draw what you think you see, draw what you actually see. your mind has a preconceived idea of what certain things look like, and some people, even though they are looking at something, when they draw it, they subconsciously apply that idea they have.


Demon :
Made the eyes narrowed and pointy to make him look more evil. The eyes are curved triangles to give him kind of a serpentine look
I used shading to make him look a lot more evil. The teeth are just pointy and coated in blood, same with the horns. I added muscle lines on his neck and shoulders to make him look really buff. You don't really see skinny demons named Shulgoth do you?


Tree Lady This is also based on a cool picture i have. It is made mostly of wood, so you need a lot of squiggly lines to make it look like wood.
Her fingers need to be long and knarly, with knots for knuckles.




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