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Cheap Swords - It isn't the price you pay for a sword. It's the price you make the evil creatures pay!

A cheap sword is better than no sword!

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You are on a budget though and are just looking for something to get you started. Well you have come to the right place. Right here we have a great selection of Cheap Swords that will start you on the path to being a hero!



Ace Martial Arts Supply Kendo Wooden Bokken Practice Samurai Katana Sword, 40-Inch




Z Hunter ZB-029 Samurai Sword, 40.5-Inch

  • Samurai Sword
  • 40.5" Overall
  • 27.5" Silver Carbon Steel Blade
  • 4.3Mm Thickness Blade With Green Silk Printings



BladesUSA Samurai Sword with Cord-Wrapped Handle, Wood Scabbard, 40-Inch Overall


  • Handsome samurai sword ideal for display
  • 20.65-inch carbon steel blade with Japanese writing etched into it
  • Handle wrapped in black, white, and red ribbons
  • Includes black wood scabbard
  • 40-inch overall length


Last Samurai Japanese Sword Katana Honor w/ Free Stand

  • Blade is made of Stainless Steel
  • Black semi-gloss scabbard with Japanese kanji characters carved into it.
  • Handle features imitation ray skin and black ito cord wrap.
  • Sword comes with display stand



Medieval Crusader Sword with Scabbard

  • Blade made out of carbon steel, non-sharpened.
  • Stainless Steel Fittings.
  • Handle and Scabbard wrapped with imitation black leather.



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