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Wooden Swords

You have a passion for Lord of the Rings or maybe epic fantasy and you have watched all the movies, played the games or read the books. Now it's time to move into the real world. You want something tangible that you can hold in your hands or mount on the wall. But you don't want to be swinging a steel sword around. Those things are dangerous.

Steel swords are fantastic and they look great hanging on the wall. People really admire them. They make great conversation pieces. But they should never be swung around by anyone other than a trained professional.

So you want to get into some combat action with a sword? You should get yourself a wooden sword. They are perfect for what you want. Now you can work up a real sweat like the heroes in the books do.


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Ace Martial Arts Supply Kendo Wooden Bokken Practice Samurai Katana Sword, 40-Inch





BladesUSA Wooden Samurai Training Bokken

  • Black Cord Wrapped Boken Daito Wood Practice Sword
  • Wood practice sword patterned after classic katana swords
  • Sturdy oak build with dark-stained finish
  • Comfortable cord-wrapped handle for heavy use
  • 2-piece guard design protects hands and guard itself
  • Blade measures 30 inches; sword measures 39 inches total



Wooden Roman Gladius

  • True Grip Design resembles real Sword
  • Low Price
  • Ideal for Practice
  • Real Wooden Construction
  • Classic Roman Sword Reproduction



Cold Steel Hand & A Half Training Sword with Polypropylene Handle with Blunt

  • N/A
  • Imported
  • Blade Length: 34"
  • Handle: 10" Long
  • Overall Length: 44"
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Virtually unbreakable


47 Inch Wooden Medieval Crusader Practice Waster Sword

  • This is the Robin Hood Long Sword Waster.The Sword has been constructed of close fitting pieces.
  • A ridge runs down the center of the swords blade.The tip of the sword has been rounded off for safety.The guard is built tough with the classic design of the Long Sword.
  • The sword is built with two sections, the handle and a separate piece for the pommel.Overall Length: 47.5 " Material: Wood
  • Blade Length: 34.5 " Balance Point: 2.25 " from Guard Handle Length: 12 "


Looking for a Wooden Sword?

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