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Dragon Sword

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The sword and the dragon are two mythical symbols that are inextricably tied together. With these items they are brought together into one.


Dragon Evolution Fantasy Sword



Katana with Dragon Tsuba - REd Scabard and 43 inch Overall size




Dragons Tongue Warrior Sword



Dragons Breath Sword

Dragons Breath Fire Medieval Fantasy Sword w/ Plaque



Saint George Dragon Saber

28 inch stainless steel blade. Intricately detailed cast metal Dragon handle. Beautifully ornate cast metal scabbard fittings.




Fantasy Duel Dragon Dagger Sword w/ Wall Mount Plaque

This is the Hell Keeper. The dagger is two intertwined dragons with razor sharp blades coming out of their mouths and tails. In its own right this is a cool dagger, but it goes beyond cool when you pull the dragons apart. Each dragon is held by 3 magnets and four locking cut outs. When the dragons are separated you have two functional daggers. Attributes of the Weapon: -The dragons are solid steel made from 440 stainless steel. -There are two blades on each dagger. The blades are 440 stainless steel and come razor sharp. -The Set includes a Wooden Wall mount Plaque.


Dragon Slayer Purple Katana

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