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Final Fantasy Swords

Here are the major swords in the Final Fantasy Series



Final Fantasy FF7 Massive 78" Steel Sephiroth Masumane Samurai Katana Sword




Japanese Anime Ichigo Tensa Bankai Sword Cutting Moon



Ichigo Tensa Zangetsu Full Tang Sword




Cosplay Final Fantasy 8 Squall Leonhart Gunblade Wood


Final fantrasy sword

The Cloud Sword - Cloud wields that enormous sword and now you can too. The one we have isn't as large as the one Cloud carries -if it were it would be too heavy to carry! This one is a full 40 inches long though (that's over three feet!) Learn more on our product page

Cloud Buster Swords are no longer manufactured but they are available on ebay. This link will take you directly to the ebay listings: