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Pictures of Big Glass Terrariums


Big glass terrariums can be a bit of a challenge but they can come out so very beautiful. There are lots of things you can do with them including making a theme. And the terrarium container itself can be part of the overall theme of the terrarium. Here are some pictures submitted by web visitors showing their work. I also have a tutorial on how to make a big terrarium which includes how to add a waterfall and water pump. The Big Terrarium Tutorial


Here is a picture of a vivarium that was made by James. It is a 55 gallon glass container and it has Red Eyed Tree Frogs. It also includes a water pump, waterfall and pond. I love the way he has sculpted the landscape. I have more pictures of this vivarium here: James 55 gallon Vivarium/Terrarium



Here is a fun desert themed terrarium built for a child! You can add lots of fun little ornaments and accessories to your terrarium and a desert theme is a good theme because the plants are durable and low maintenance.

Big Glass Desert Terrarium

Big glass desert terrarium


Here is a terrarium picture submitted by a web visitor (Chris G.) My thanks to him for the great pic. Here is what he has to say about it:
"it's a 10 gallon aquarium. and houses several native species of plants and insects as well as a grass snake, a brown snake, several snails, a house gecko and a copper ground skink. I am going to make it my winter project to establish a larger (3' long x 2' tall x 2 ' deep) terrarium with an timed mister and waterfall. this terrarium will house green anoles and a few toads."


The picture below is of a beautiful terrarium (made by Chris D.)that is six feet long, eight inches tall and eight inches wide. Here is a little bit about how Chris made this terrarium:

The long tank is 6'x8"x8". It was all recycled glass. I got the long pieces for the body from a airline lounge that was closing (I work in Logan airport in Boston) They were shelves in their previous life. The rounded top was made from 1 gal olive jars that I cut the tops and bottoms off, cut in half and them assembled with copper foil and soder in the tiffany stained glass style. The top comes apart in 3 pieces. Inside there is a tank on the left side and then a channel that runs into a small pool on the right. There is a pump in hte pool that pumps water back to the tank. I have guppys in the tank and dwarf frogs in the little pool.


A very big terrarium


A look inside the big terrarium


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