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Terrariums made by web visitors

Lots of people are sending me pictures of the terrariums they have made. This page is for those pictures! If you have made a terrarium and want tosee it on this page go ahead and email me a few pictures. I would love to put them here!

Sue has made a Skyrim terrarium! I love it. And it uses a whole lot of different techniques. She tells us a bit about how she made it:

I am a skyrim fan and had a terrarium doing nothing - saw your waterfall idea and my ideas flowed - there is it - skyrim in a bottle .
I used banking clay to make the castle tower and bridge
Air drying clay for the landscape, clear silicone calk for the waterfall on a piece of clear plastic from a water bottle.


Greg grows carnivorous plants and decided to make a terrarium out of an old fish bowl. It came out terrific and he tells us about the plants: In it I have Sphagnum moss growing, along with three Sundews (Drosera capillaris), a terrestrial Bladderwort (Utricularia gibba), and a leaf cutting front a Venus Flytrap clone (Crosstooth) that I hope will flourish. I am thinking about adding a Butterwort.



Barry bought my terrarium e-book four years ago and made himself a terrarium. And wow! Look how it has grown since then!!! Amazing! People love it and it gets a lot of ooh's and ahhhs! He is now starting on his next terrarium.

Here is a terrarium made by Jen. It looks great!! It is a wonderful little desert theme with succulents and even a camel! My thanks go to Jen for sharing the pic with us.

Laurie has been having a lot of fun making terrariums. She just started making them and has been getting a lot of great ideas off of pinterest. Here are four terrariums she has made:




Here is a terrarium made by Joyce. My thanks to her for sharing the picture with us. This is a succulent terrarium.


Here is a terrarium made by Janet. It looks wonderful! She tells us a little about it: I put a tiny Buddha figure in it with the plant.  That's a pretty little vase.  Everything in this project came from things about the house, even the potting soil.  I made the doily years ago and tinted it with coffee.



Here is a wonderful terrarium made by a web visitor. It has an aloe plant in it. My thanks for the submission. It looks great!



Here is a set of terrariums made by Vince. Wow! These are absolutely amazing. The contaienrs are remarkable and the plant selection and layout is really beautiful! My thanks to him for sharing this with us. If you want to get a closer look at these terrariums I have posted larger pics of them to a separate page here. Vince's Terrariums.


Here is a beautiful terrarium made by Badia. This is two years old and still going strong! My thanks to her for sharing the picture with us! She has made lots of terrariums for this website.


Here is a terrarium made by Brayden. I really love the apple shaped container!


And here is a new terrarium made by Lynda. It is in a Moconna coffee jar. It looks great and is the perfect accent for a bathroom.

And here is the completed terrarium made by Lynda. It came out great!!


This isn't a terrarium yet but Lynda got this absolutely wonderful terrarium container and I just had to post the picture so you could see it. My thanks go to her for sharing this find with us!!


More Terrarium pics from web visitors right here



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