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The Zen of Single Plant Terrariums


I received these pictures from a web visitor (Badia A.) and I really took a liking to them. The thing about these terrariums is the simple elegant beauty of them. The challenge is to find a beautiful and unique container and to pair it up with a single plant. It seems simple but there is almost an art to it. Its very zen! Anyhoo, I think this is a great way to start out with making terrariums. It takes some of the complexity out of it and gives you something beautiful to admire and show off to friends.


So, find yourself a simple yet unique container and give it a try. The possibilities are endless. And there are practically no size limitations. You can try a large container or a very small container. I have a terrarium that I made in a tabasco jar. Now that was a challenge!


simple terrarium 1

A unique container and a beautiful plant that has a hint of crimson. Makes for an elegant yet beautiful zen terrarium.

This is something to think about when choosing your plant. Try to get something that has a bit of panache to it. A little burst of color on the leaves is nice.


Zen terrarium 2

This terrarium is absolutely spectacular. I really love the hand made glass that has just a tint of rose color in it. This is the kind of container that you don't see very often but if you find something like this you really have to do something special with it.


Zen terrarium

A unique small sized jug makes this terrrarium nice. It can prove to be a challenge when getting the plant inside but it comes out great. Plenty of room for the plant to grow in this one.

Zen Terrarium 4

This terrarium is just about the perfect implementation of the zen, single plant terrarium. The shape of the glass, the size and placement of the plant are all just perfect. Everything about this terraium says simplicity and beauty. I really love this one.


Two terrariums

These two terrariums have wonderfully shaped bottles and they are a good example of how you can vary the size of your terrarium. The red tinted almost pink leaves of the plant in the larger bottle is just spectacular.


A square bottle and a cork

This one, with the very unusually shaped plant the cork and the angular bottle is perfect.



a very tall terrarium

And how about a very tall and thin terrarium. This one looks to be about 3 feet tall. Its quite dramatic.


Amazon.com Has some wonderful Containers for Zen Terrariums

Cognac glass

Riedel Vinum Cognac Glass, Set of 2 For me the Cognac Glass or Brandy Snifter is perfect for a small wine glass style terrarium. They tend to be shorter, squatter and a little bit more durable. You just have to watch the sizes. They can range from 8 ounces to 30. This one shown here is almost 30 ounces.


Glass Vase

Flower Market Clear Glass Vase


InterDesign York Glass Apothecary Jar


Anchor Hocking 1-Gallon Heritage Hill Jar with Glass Lid