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Terrarium Moss

terrarium mossThere are a few different reasons you might want to use terrarium moss. The first reason is the aesthetics of it. It does look good and can make a bland terrarium look much better without much effort. One of the key things about terrariums is arrangement of the plants and by using moss you can make the arrangement much fuller and much more pleasing to the eye. This improvement is partially due to color variations but is also due to variations in the height of the arranged materials. If all your plants are of the same height the moss will offset this nicely by adding some ground level color and texture.


Terrarium moss for Carnivorous plants - Carnivorous plants have adapted to nutrient poor soil by eating insects. This means that they have no use for rich soil. And as a matter of fact rich soil can kill many types of carnivorous plant. Many of these plants thrive in a potting environment that is half spaghnum moss (or peat moss) and half sand or perlite.

Terrarium moss for pets like lizards, frogs, salamanders, toads and green snakes. These types of pets are often called Moss-environment pets.

Want to know more about moss and terrariums? We have some great information and pictures to help you identify and care for mosses right here: Terrarium Mosses


Live Moss Assortment for Terrariums - Frog, Haircap, Cushions, Rocks, Lichen

Will has bought this exact terrarium moss product and he loves it. It comes nice and misty in plastic bags. There is a nice variety of interesting moss.



Terrarium Moss Kit

Will has bought this exact moss kit too!





Moss Terrariums!

Moss terrariums are wonderful in their simplicity and beauty. And you can often make one without spending a penny. Just collect up the moss from the outdoors. Add some small accents and they become a beautiful little world. I have some pictures here and a link to my tutorial on making them. Moss terrariums.

If you never made a terrarium this is a great place to start because it is easy and attractive.