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How to make a Terrarium Waterfall


This is a complete tutorial that shows you , step by step, how to make a terrarium waterfall. It is something you can do in a few hours depending on the materials you use, the size you want to make it, and how long it takes the paint to dry. The biggest challenge is getting yourself a water pump. I used the pump from an inexpensive table top fountain that I purchased in a discount store. I have a selection of water pumps you can buy at the bottom of this page.


And, if you prefer to just buy a waterfall I have a page of them. The picture below is the waterfall I make in this tutorial. I also have a video that shows you the whole process. It is further down this page.


The most important thing you are going to need to make a waterfall is of course the waterpump. The follwong picture shows the pump I am using for this tutorial. I purchased a table top water fountain at a dollar store (cost $5) and took the pump out. In this case of this one it is battery operated which is easy to use but you can't run it for days at a time. You choose choose and select when you want to run it. There are plenty of pumps you can buy that are 120V operated (wall plug in) and I have resources on this page and on my terrarium waterfall page.


a small water pumpAfter the pump a lot of the materials you will need can be improvised and I used insulating foam that comes in sheets. You can purchase this foam online, at a local hardware store or at an arts and crafts store like Michaels or AC Moore. The only real requirement is that it of course be waterproof.

Most small water pumps like this are submersible which means you just have some kind of container of water and you put the pump right into the container so it is submerged.



the Container

Here is the plastic container I am using to hold the water and the pump. I trimmed down the height of it. You can also see the foam I am using. I cut out a hole in the foam to fit the plastic container.




The pump in the container

This picture shows the basic layout and concept of the waterfall. Use a hot glue gun or a waterproof glue to affix the plastic container into your first sheet of styrofoam.

You will add successive layers of foam to build up the shape of the waterfall. You can see I have put the pump inside the container. This is the basic set up. The bay has water in it. The pump sits in this water and forces water up the hose to the top of the waterfall. The water will cascade down the steps you make and return to the reservoir.


So from here it is just a matter of gluing on more foam pieces then carving them into a waterfall shape.


Let's Continue on with this tutorial on how to make a terrarium waterfall ( You can also watch the video just below, or check out the pumps and waterfalls you can buy





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