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DuneCraft Terrariums

The DuneCraft company makes a wonderful selection of easy to make terrariums that are attractive and often very unique.


Dragon's Lair

Dragon's Lair - Create a dark and remote lair for your mythical fire-breathing dragon. In the Dragon's Lair, Dragon Trees sprout from white dragons' eggs to form sword-like leaves. If you cut them, they will "bleed." In addition to two spectacular plants named after dragons (including one of the only black-leaf plants in the world, Black Dragon Coleus), this kit comes with a pet dragon, lava rock, and blood rock. Your lair will sprout in weeks and last for years.

Kit includes: 2 Dragon Seed Packets: Dragon Tree Seed and Black Dragon Coleus Seed, Windowsill Greenhouse, Decorative Dragon, Black and Red Lava Rock, Blood Rock, Planting Mixture, Instructions and Information Sheet.


Fly Trap Fiends

Fly Trap Fiends Micro-Terrarium - Grow your own feared and famous meat eating plants. This kit features the infamous Venus Trap. The leaves of a Venus Fly Trap are covered with fine hairs. When an insect lands on the plant, the pressure on these hairs causes the jaw-like foliage to snap closed, trapping the insect inside. Watch these fascinating plants grow from harmless seeds into vicious bug-eating monsters! Grow Your Own Carnivorous Plants and Watch Them Feed! Complete kit includes: egg-shaped micro terrarium, seed packet, and premium sprouting mixture Ages 4+ Approximate size of Micro Terrarium is 2 x3 inches Package Dimensions: 5 x 7 inches


Fairy Triad Terrarium

Fairy Triad Dome Terrarium - Grow your own enchanted fairy garden. This charming terrarium contains magical plants for fairies and those who believe in them!

Garden contains four color seed packets: red and blue lobelia, clover, evening star and thyme; plus a bag of fairy planting mixture, bag of fairy dust, fairy, pinwheel, two fairy bells and string, four fairy plant stakes, rainbow fairy gravel, sprouting and growing terrarium, perlite drainage pellets, and growing and care instructions.


Princess Garden Terrarium

Princess Garden - The perfect garden for the princess in your life. Grow beautiful, blooming plants in a setting overflowing with magical treasures.Princess can personalize her royal greenhouse with the included glitter glue, silver flower beads and jewel dragonflies. The Princess Conservatory will start sprouting in a week and will bloom within three months.

Includes: Pack of Impatients Seed, Windowsill Greenhouse, Bag of Purple Gravel, Bag of Pink Gravel, Bag of Mixed Silver Flower Beads, Stick-On Jewels, Jewel Dragonflies, Tube of Glitter Glue, Planting Mixture, Instructions and Information Sheet.


Wild West Cactus Roundup Terrarium

Wild West Cactus Round-up - Complete Kit to Grow Over 20 Types of Cacti from Seed!

Product Description
The Odd Pod is a complete kit to grow over 25 different va of cacti in a space-age capsule. This unique offering is great for kids and a terrific way to explore learning as they tend to these most unusual and fierce-looking plants. Each Complete Kit Includes: injection molded planting pod, thermoformed sprouting greenhouse, color seed pack with over 120 seeds of over 20 varieties of cacti, high quality cactus soil (1-ounce bag), decorative silica pebbles (1.5-ounce bag), Crater Dust decorative pebbles (1.5-ounce bag), 3 colorful space background cards, watering tube instruction, information, and care sheet.

Hothouse terrarium

Desert Hothouse - Create your own desert landscape. Contains over 20 kinds of plants. Seeds sprout in one week, easy to grow, and lasts for years! Create your own sandy, dusty desert scene. It contains Joshua Tree, Saguaro, Century Plant, Organ Pipe Cactus, Yucca and more. Complete kit includes: seed packets, windowsill greenhouse, desert boulders, natural desert sand, natural desert gravel, desert critters, snakes, lizards, planting mixture, and instructions and information sheet. Ages 4+


Bonsai Village Terrarium

Bonsai Village Growing Kit - Trees have been highly valued by humans since the beginning of time. In fact, the word "paradise" is derived from the Persian word "pardes," which translates to "a park planted with trees." Now a little piece of paradise can be yours when you grow your own Bonsai Forest with a variety of trees and undergrowth shrubs. This complete kit comes with everything you need.

This attractive garden includes five packets - siberian elm, beauty bush, butterfly bush, peking lilac and siberian pea shrub. It also comes with planting mixture, authentic woodland cover, three bonsai decals, five bonsai plant stakes, meditation stones, buddha figurine, a sprouting and growing terrarium, perlite drainage pellets, and growing and care instructions.