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A Conch Shell Terrarium


A Terrarium made out of a conch shell is just about the perfect terrarium for a lot of different reasons. I really like the idea of it being very simple and being thematic. I also am a big advocate of using a unique container for your terrarium. This kind of terrarium gets five stars from me.

I didn't make this particular terrarium. It was submitted to me by a web visitor named Jenny and she did a great job with it. She is also the creator of the wine glass terrarium which you can see here. (I have included instructions on how you can make one)


Some Tips and rules of thumb when making this kind of terrarium.

A Conch Shell Terrarium

You don't have a lot of internal space to use in this kind of terrarium so I would recommend keeping the materials, other than soil, to a minimum. And depending on the kind of plant you use you may want to stuff the shell pretty tight with a lot of soil so the root system can grow deep into the shell. Otherwise just use some pebbles at the bottom so you can get some drainage and you should be all set. Being an open air terrarium with a decent amount of exposed soil watering should not be much of an issue and water should not accumulate at the bottom. It will air itself out pretty well.

An added note is that you can use little ornaments and objects to make it more attractive and this terrarium has an added seashell which is perfect because it stays right in the theme of the ocean. The second picture is also quite stunning because it shows a nice feel for the shell. There is a hole in it and Jenny has draped a plant right through it! Very Nice.

A Shell is added to this terrarium

A Conch Shell Terrarium


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Get terrarium started with just a mason jar

Here you can see a couple of pictures submitted by a web visitor. They are of a creative little mason jar terrarium. This also shows the wide variety of plants you can use including moss and mushrooms. Mason Jar terrarium


Make a Hobbit Terrarium

This is a fun little terrarium with Bag End of the Shire. I even have a tutorial on how to make the little hobbit hole. Make a Hobbit Terrarium