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Air Plant Terrariums

An airplant terrarium is a neat little idea. They look quite unique and are minimal care. So, if you have never made a terrarium you might want to start out with an air plant terrarium. For one thing there is no soil! Here is a picture of one that was made by a web visitor (Badia). My thanks go to her for sending in this pic!


When Making an Air Plant terrarium you have a whole lot of options to make it look attractive. One great option is to use colored sand like this one here. And notice how the color of the sand nicely accentuates the color of the air plant. I do have a tutorial on how to make sand terrariums right here.

Get creative with this. You can add small pebbles, pieces of tree bark or lots of little accents like figures and characters.


Air plant terrarium


A Little Bit About Air Plants:

Their Genus name is Tillandsia. So if you are searching around for them you can use Tillandsia. There are over 500 Different types and they are part of the Bromeliad Family.

They do have to be watered regularly and they do need sunlight, but not direct bright sunlight. That can kill them. A good sunny spot near a window with lots of indirect sunlight is good for them. And while they need watering they can be over watered and can rot.

Now all of that sounds like a bit of work but they are really easy to care for. Just water or mist them regularly and monitor them.

They do have roots but.. the root system is not for getting nutrition. The root system is small and is just used to anchor the plant to something like a tree. So, you can trim off these small roots if you want to.

A venus fly trap

New: A Venus Fly Trap Terrarium

They are an amazing and exotic plant. And they are great in terrariums. You just have to know some basic rules of care when it comes to these carnivorous plants. I make a terrarium and give you guidelines for a successful Venus Fly Trap Terrarium This also includes a video tutorial.


A moss terrarium

New: A new moss terrarium tutorial

This is an attractive and easy terrarium made with moss. I show you how to make one and how to care for it. How to make a moss terrarium



Buying Tillandsia (Air Plants)

Amazon.com has a whole lot of Tillandsia This link takes you directly to a listing of a whole bunch of them.: Tillandsia Air Plants on Amazon


Air Plant Tillandsia Bromeliads Great Little Houseplant By Hinterland Trading



Airplants Tillandsia Red Ionatha Fuego 10 Pack


Air plant kit

You can get this nice little kit with everthing including the Air Plant.

Air Plant Tillandsia Bromeliads Kit with Pebbles and Moss Great Little Houseplant By Hinterland Trading


Glass container

Or you can get this hanging terrarium and make your own!

Glass Hanging Plant Terrarium Votive Holder 4 1/2" By Hinterland Trading



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