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Make a Colored Sand Terrarium

A colored Sand Terrarium

This is a terrarium made by a web visitor (Badia A.) and it is a wonderful example of how to spice up a simple terrarium with some colored sand.

This is a bit of a blast from the past for me because, and it might be the same for you, I remember making these great little glass container art objects using colored sand. But I never thought about adding a plant to complete and accentuate it. It's a great idea and it makes a beautiful thing to look at and a wonderful conversation piece.

So how did Badia make this terrarium?

Badia put the plant in a small container of soil then placed this small container inside the glass container. Then Badia added the colored sand around it. Pretty simple yet very ingenious. And you can have a lot of fun with the colors of the sand and use a variety of long sticks or even a knife to move the sand around and create different patterns. The color of the sand can be used to accentuate the colors in the plant and it can be used to simulate a certain environment. For example: You could use plain sand colors and some browns to mimic a midwestern desert. Or you could use exotic bright colors and some carnivorous plants to create some kind of exotic other-worldly scene. Have fun with your terrarium making! (Below is a picture of three more beautiful Sand Terrariums that Badia has made)

Three Sand terrariums

A simple colored sand terrarium

Sand Terrarium - Jonas

Sand Terrarium - Raia

Looking for inexpensive bags of colored sand? Amazon.com has lots of it. You can check out a full page with lots of different colors here: A variety of colored sand cheap on Amazon.com


Tiny Glass Bottle Terrariums Tiny Glass Bottle Terrariums

Here are some tiny little terrariums made in tiny jars. They can even be hung on a necklace. Tutorial right here: Make tiny glass bottle terrariums


Pink Colored Sand

Pink Sand





Terrarium Sand Tower

Terrarium Sand Silos Craft Kit (Makes 18)

An all-time favorite. Bright layers of colored sand recre ate a restful desert landscape or a bold sunset. Includes plastic tubes, fine sand colors, solid wood bases, non-toxic stain and glue, sand paper and instructions. 6-1/2" H.



Rainbow Sand

Rainbow Sand Craft Supplies (8 pc)

These bottles of sand for sand art craft projects come in a rainbow of colors to let you be creative. You get eight 22 oz. bottles of 8 different colors: royal blue, black, green, white, purple, yellow, orange and red. Stock up on these craft supplies.