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Low Light Terrarium Plants

One of the challenges of a terrarium is the struggle for light. Because it is indoors you might not be able to find a spot that gets a lot of light. This is ok though there are plenty of plants that thrive in low light conditions so if you live in an apartment, dorm room, office or a place with few bright light window options you can still make a terrarium that thrives. Here is a list of terrarium plants that thrive in low light:



Carnivorous Plants Most carnivorous plants need lots of light and thrive on it except for Butterworts, They thrive in partial shade.

Non Traditional Plants - There are plenty of options when it comes to thinking outside the box and a good example of low light plants that are not typical are like these:

  • Irish Moss Irish Moss Plants & seeds
  • Lichen
  • Earth Stars Earth Stars
  • Hedera Helix - a ground cover ivy with miniature varieties like "itsy-bitsy" or "willie" Hedera Helix Hedera helix-English Ivy (Grower's Choice)



Terrarium Plants

Hirt's Terrarium & Fairy Garden Plants - 3 Plants in 2" pots

  • The plant assortment may vary depending on the season.
  • Miniature Ferns, Polka Dot Plants
  • Club mosses, Miniature Begonias
  • Peperomias, Dwarf Palms
  • You will receive 3 different terrarium plants growing in 2" pots


Terrarium moss

Terrarium & Fairy Garden MOSS

  • The Terrarium & Fairy Garden Moss contains (½ ) square foot in total of sheet and clump mosses, conveniently packaged and ready to plant.
  • There are no pesticides , fertilizers or herbicides used so it's safe to use with reptiles.
  • Just the Right Amount For Mini Gardens and Terrariums.