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Make a light bulb terrarium

This lightbulb terrarium is a wonderful, quick little project that can be great for fun holiday décor around the home, on the tree, or a unique gift!

I will show you how to make it and I will show you how to open up the lightbulb safely.


Right off let me give you the two tips:

Tip 1: How to safely remove the end of the bulb and make it clear.

Tip 2: What plants to use in the terrarium.

I show you all this below.

The Lightbulb terrarium


There are two plants in this terrarium:


Pixie Cups

Live2 PACK Cladonia for Terrariums Gardens Bonsai Crafts

I absolutely love these little pixie cups. I have them in several of my terrariums.


Live British Soldier

Live British Soldier Cladonia Cristatella Lichen for Terrariums Gardens Bonsai


Remove the metal tab

Remove the metal tab and the colored insulating ring on the bottom of the bulb. Be sure to wear safety gloves! Particularly on the hand that is holding the bulb. You could squeeze it too tight and break it!


a glass stem in

Once you remove those parts you still aren't into the light bulb. There is a glass stem in there. Put a small tool in there and lever it so the stem inside breaks.

remove the filament with pliers

There is a whole stem in there that holds the filament. Use a tool to take all that out. You might have to reach a tool in there and break it up a bit. And you might be able to shake the parts out.


Put salt in the bulb

Now, we need to get the frosting off the inside of the bulb and this is really easy. Just put a couple of tablespoons of salt in there and shake it around. It will only take you about ten seconds. the powder coating comes right off!


A coat hanger

Now let's start working on the terrarium. And it can be a bit tricky because the opening of the bulb is so small . You can make yourself some tools out of coathanger or wire. That will help a lot.


Paper cone

And you can make a cone out of paper in order to get he soil and pebbles easily into the terrarium.


Next Ok, all the prework is done now lets make the terrarium!


Moss Terrariums!

Moss terrariums are wonderful in their simplicity and beauty. And you can often make one without spending a penny. Just collect up the moss from the outdoors. Add some small accents and they become a beautiful little world. I have some pictures here and a link to my tutorial on making them. Moss terrariums.

If you never made a terrarium this is a great place to start because it is easy and attractive.


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