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Make a Terrarium inside a terrarium

Here is a fun little project that is two projects in one. It is a terrarium inside a terrarium. We bought some clear christmas tree bulbs with the intention of doing a christmas project inside them. Well, we never got the chance to make that project. Instead we used one of the bulbs to make a hanging terrarium and well... put it inside another terrarium.

Note before you start making the terrariums. Be sure to check that your small terrarium actually fits inside the mouth of the larger one!



The terrarium within a terrarium


At the Mall

We actually did a table at a small business event at the local mall and I wanted a terrarium there with us so people can see how much fun they are. There it is, this terrarium at the mall on the table. The arrow points it out.


In terms of the setup it is actually quite easy. We simply have the bulb terrarium attached with a hook to the inside of the bigger terrarium.


The hook

The hook for the bulb is a piece of wire that is bent into a hook and hot glued into the top of the bigger container.


Origami Butterflies

And to make the whole thing a little bit more fun and whimsical we suspended little origami butterflies inside the smaller terrarium. (I have a tutorial on how to fold these butterflies right here)


They are attached to the inside of the bulb cover with some fishing string. The fishing string is pretty clear and that adds to the effect of the butterflies flittering around.


The Butterflies

Here is a look at the butterflies. Hot glue attaches the string easily to them and then to the inside of the bulb cap.


NextOkay this is all ready for the plants. Continue on and I will show you the standard process for making a terrarium.


A Moss Terrarium

A Moss Terrarium
I have just started working on some Moss terrariums and I have some thoughts, pictures and informatio on them. terrarium is attractive, fun to make and very hardy. Here is a complete tutorial on how to make one. Moss Terrariums