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How to Draw a Fantasy Genie

This lesson is on how to draw a Genie Using Corel Draw and Photoshop. It is submitted by Adel Radwan who has some significant skill and talent with drawing and with using Photoshop. He has the ability to capture a real and magical feeling with his artwork. In this lesson he shows us the steps to drawing a Genie.



Fantasy Genie Drawing using photoshop


The Picture shown here is the Genie he has drawn for this lesson.

Most of the preliminary work was done in Corel Draw and then the picture was imported to Photoshop and colored.

Drawing a Genie Step 1

Drawing A Genie - Before beginning

First thing you should do is draw a sketch of the Genie on paper as you have imagined it. This sketch will be used as foundation for the work later on. The drawing is then finalized as line art. This is a necessary step because it will allow you to make the masks and selections so you can color it in Photoshop and will make the work easier in the further steps.

This is the artists drawing of his genie.



Now using Corel Draw the Artist Draws out the Genie

Step 1: (Using Corel Draw)Draw a simple skull for the Genie's Head. This is a good way to start. It will help you to define the correct proportions. And this is something you should often do with your drawings. It will help you to get the right proportions.

In Corel Draw the artist used simple curves to make this skull.  




Step 2: Now draw in the skin and flesh around and over the skull. You can see now that the skull is a great base to work on. It very much helps you to get the shape and the look you want.


Step 3: Once the face and head are completed draw in the hair.


Step 4: Once you have completed the drawing of face, head, and hair you can now go ahead and remove the skull lines from the drawing. They were just a guide and are no longer needed in the drawing.

This drawing shows the completed genie head.


Step 5: Now draw the Rest of the Genie Drawing. You can try to draw it with lines or you can use the same process that we followed with the head by drawing in bones so you have a base to work the filling in the flesh and finally removing the bones once the outside of the drawing is done.

In the final drawing the artist has added flames. It wasn't necessary to draw them in ahead of time because they are easily added with Photoshop.

This picture is ready to be imported into photoshop.

Step 6- Select the final drawing and export it as AI file, it is better to put it in a rectangle (as a frame) to give space around the edges of the drawing when you open the file it in Photoshop.


Step 7- Open the file using Photoshop; this will enable you to make fine selections of the body parts and coloring them . Now save and admire your work!

This lesson was submitted by Adel Radwan. To see his other works go to the Fantasy art submissions section Fantasy Art by Web Visitors


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