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Submission of art by Students and web visitors

Would you like to see your artwork here for others to enjoy?



Here is a painting submitted by a web visitor (Louis) a great look at anatomy and muscle Thor painting


parker D BattleRager

Here is some great fantasy artwork by artist Parker D. He tells about how he achieves this great look in his artwork. He starts out with mechanical pencils then moves on to using photoshop 6 and a wacom tablet. Check out his work and what he says here: Parker D. Fantasy Artwork


Greenscape - Copyright by Albert McGhee

Some new mixed media fantasy artwork by a guest artist. Albert McGhee has submitted these wonderful works for us to take a look at. He shows the power that can be had by using traditional techniques mixed with computerized techniques available with Photoshop. Guest Artwork by Albert


Prince on Mountain Top by David Dodson

New lesson (Feb 9, 2009) in the art school by Guest Artist David Dodson. He shows us step-by-step how to draw this Prince on Mountain Top. Lesson 24 This is a great peek into how an artist works. You will learn a lot from this in depth lesson!


A Fantasy Mermaid Pencil Drawing

A New Drawing submitted by a web visitor. This drawing of a fantasy mermaid shows what can be done with just paper and a pencil. Check it out here


Fantasy Mermaid

Two New Fantasy art pieces by a guest artist. (Heather). She like to work in acrylics because they are vibrant and colorful and easy to use. Check out the large images of her two fantasy works that I call Fire and Ice


Another Guest artist (Michelle S.) has submitted some great artwork for you to check out. She has never had any instruction of schooling in Art and has taught herself very well. If you want to learn how to draw or paint this is a good example of doing it without a formal education. Michelle S Work

Shane Lees - Cyborg

A Guest artist shows us some of his work and gives us some great tips and techniques on how he draws. He also explains to us the importance of creating a library of images for practice and inspiration. Shane Lees work


Pencil Sketches by Grace

Some great new pencil works submitted by Grace M. These show that all you really need is a pencil and some paper to let your imagination run! Grace M Fantasy Drawings

Black and White by Matt G.

Matt G has submitted a great series of Black and White Fantasy art pieces. He explains to us a little bit about his inspiration for the works and how he created them. Black and White Fantasy art Pieces


New submission by a web visitor. This is a vampire and it was submitted by Matt G. Check out a larger version He has submitted a variety of other fantasy creatures that he has done including an Orc, a Dragon, Dracula, a Cyclops, and an elf. See these great fantasy artworks and learn how he made them here Fantasy artwork by Matt G


Time Has no Power fantasy art

Here is a series of great fantasy artworks done for a fantasy novel check out the works, the artist and the novels here

Magic Carpet

Carpet Warrior by Adel Radwan
This is a great work of a Mongol warrior on a magic carpet.

See a larger image and learn more about this work


Locate by Adel Radwan

Locate by Adel Radwan
This image is extraordinary in that it evokes a strong sense of the French Surrealist painters like Dali. Read more and see larger image


To Atlantis by Adel Radwan

To Atlantis by Adel Radwan
Painting an underwater scene can be very difficult. The color of everything is changed by the tint of the water. See larger Image and Read more

Knife by Adel Radwan

Knife - By Adel Radwan This image shows a good use of shadow and light. Every wonder how to paint or draw metal so it looks shiny? Well sometimes you do this by painting nothing or painting white! The highlights on the blade can be done by leaving the canvas white or painting white! See larger image


ginnie by Adel Radwan

Ginnie - Submitted by Adel Radwan (See Larger Image) This compostition is an excellent example of the use of color to show emotion and express a mood. The black and the red go very well together in this picture and really express the mood of the piece. Learn more by seeing the larger image.


meneater fantasy art

Meneater - Submitted by Adel Radwan (See Larger Image) And Learn about light and shadow and how the artist uses it to show the shape of the figure

Genie - Submitted by Adel Radwan (See Larger Image) And learn how the artist used variations of color to portray depth


Archer - Submitted by Adel Radwan (See Larger Image) And learn how color is more than just one shade.


Crystal Ball - Submitted by Adel Radwan (See Larger Image) And learn about an important technique used in this work.




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