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An Amazing Terrarium


I received these pictures from a web visitor.Here is the story behind the how and why of the making of this amazing terrarium. This is a very big and very beautiful terrarium . It of course includes a fountain! I asked her if I could post the pictures here to my website and this is what she had to say:


  I am more than happy to have you post these to your website.  I had a lot of fun doing it.  When I first found you website, I knew absolutely nothing about Terrariums.  Your website saved me.....

I bought a house with a built in aquarium and let it sit for 2.5 years empty and dirty.  Finally as I was finishing my office in my home, I decided it was time to do something with that eyesore.  I did some research on fish, and augh didnt want the hassle.  Then I found you.

Following your guidelines, I layered creek rock (fast moving creek) first, then added some slow moving creek stone on top of that.  I then followed up with spanish moss to keep roots out of water.  I found the perfect fountain and built the terrarium around it.  I then added rocks and plants and finished with a couple of pkgs of seeds and those are just now starting to come up.  I have since added some frog decor (I collect frogs) and now watching it grow.  I am going to add a few more pictures. 

Thank you for your added interest and the use of your knowledge. 

Skipper N....."

Note from Will: She covered a lot of things that I talk about when it comes to making a terrarium. And one the big things I love about a good terrarium is if it has some kind of story or theme. In the case of this terrarium Skipper collects frogs and she has placed a nice variety of collected frogs right in this terrarium. That's a great theme! And as far as the story goes, well, the story of how she came to making this terrarium is just plain cool.

Ok . let's take a look at the pictures of Skippers Frog Terrarium

overview of the whole terraium

Some of the frogs

The Water fountain

The frogs and fountain

Side view

The whole thing!


A fish tank makes a wonderful container for a terrarium. Pretty much perfect. They are not just for fish! They are of course glass, so they let in lots of light. They are water tight which means nothing will leak out and you can add a waterfall or fountain. I have a selection of glass containers that you can use as an aquarium. And some glass containers that are specially made for use as a terrarium or a viviarium: Glass Terrariums

More Frog Terrarium Stuff here: I have books, actual terrariums and more stuff about frog terrariums


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You'll find basic carpentry instructions, along with advice on using screening material, glass panels, rocks, logs, and plants that fit into the newly created environment. If you own snakes, lizards, frogs, gec kos, turtles, or other animals suitable for terraria, you'll find a design in these pages to fit your needs.



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