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A Terrarium within a Terrarium


Here are a few pictures of some great terrarium work that a web visitor is doing (Daren N.) My thanks to Daren for the work, the comments, and the great terrarium pictures.


There are several great concepts I want to look at when it comes to these terrariums. First off, he came up with this great idea to make a terrarium inside a very tiny bottle and then to place this tiny terrarium within a larger terrarium! This is something I wish I had thought of! I have made very small terrariums including my tabasco bottle terrarium, but I have never thought to put one inside another.



A terrarium within a terrarium


Secondly, he made moss terrariums which can look absolutely terrific and he found all the various moss, ferns and materials not far from his house. I am a big advocate of looking around your home to find the things you need to make terrariums and this is exactly what Daren has done.


Here is a picture of some moss and ferns growing on a rock near Daren's house.

Moss and ferns on a rock

Moss for a terrariuim


A moss terrarium inside a jar


Here is what Daren has to say about his terrarium making experience:

"Just a note to say thanks for maintaining your website with all the info and pictures. I have it bookmarked and will refer to it often I think. I just started my first terrarium with guidance I got from your site. I keep fish in aquariums and have for decades, also like house plants but have never had a terrarium. I drove by a yard sale a few days ago and spotted a large glass lidded bowl a lady had for $2. I thought to myself that would make a great terrarium...I got it home and realized I did not know the first thing about them...so I did a Google search and found your helpful site. I figured the whole soil drainage thing out and had pea gravel for under the soil, but the activated charcoal I would not have thought of. Not a problem I had some from my aquarium supplies. I read your part on "moss terrariums" and started there. I found all the species in my little town of 1100 on the north side of old buildings etc. and some from the north side of old trees (which happen to be in my yard, I run a sawmill) I think I have nearly 20 types just in a days searching. I am heading to the timber in a few days to find some small-slow growing ferns from deep cover, I am pretty familiar with timber species and think I know what I am looking for. Just moss for the base and a few taller ferns to help fill up the height of the container. I also read the "Tabasco bottle terrarium" and it got me thinking. I found an itty bitty bottle (1" square and 1 1/2" tall) working in the garden this spring. So I put some moss in it and have a terrarium inside a terrarium. It seemed sorta natural to me. I walk the timber often and run across old bottle/jars that were discarded and they have "things" growing inside them. Same concept, my terrarium will let me visit the timber any time even with 2 foot of snow on the ground here. I will have a little world on the table to check out. I still have work to do, but have a good start with help from the info I got from your site".

materials for making a terrarium

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