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Making a secret little cave in your terrarium that your bearded dragons or other little critters will love!

I got these pictures from a web visitor (J. Evan Cohen) who found my tutorial on the ultimate terrarium. He liked the little home for critters (The underground cave) so he decided to make it. It came out great and he says that his bearded dragons love it.

Here is what he says about the terrarium project and underground cave:

" thanks for the inspiration, it came out just as I imagined it!! My favorite tip was gluing extra soil, or sand in my case, to the outside to give it a more natural look. My beardie, Rafiki, LOVES it down there, especially because i installed a heating mat under the sand and thats the spot where hes closest to it."

So if you have a bearded dragon you might want to think about installing a little underground cave too!

My thanks to Jamie C. for these great pictures!

Here is a closeup of Rafiki enjoying his underground cave!

underground cave

This is a great picture of the entire setup. You can see the whole terrarium and see the waterfall on the right and the underground cave on the left. Nice vivarium he has here! Definitely a happy home for a bearded dragon.

The bearded dragon in its cage


The cave


Vivaria designs

Vivaria Designs (Advanced Vivarium Systems)


Book: the New Terrarium

The New Terrarium: Creating Beautiful Displays for Plants and Nature

In The New Terrarium , Tovah Martin, one of America's favorite gardeners, introduces you to the whimsical yet practical world of gardens under glass-a no-fuss way to bring snippets of nature indoors. Wherever you are, in whatever little time you have, terrariums are the perfect tool for nature lovers and gardeners everywhere.


A Venus Fly Trap

New: A Venus Fly Trap Terrarium

They are an amazing and exotic plant. And they are great in terrariums. You just have to know some basic rules of care when it comes to these carnivorous plants. I make a terrarium and give you guidelines for a successful Venus Fly Trap Terrarium This also includes a video tutorial.